Ordering form : book + DVD

“Once upon a time a fairy into the worlds of climbing”

Chloé Graftiaux

If you choose the delivery at home, the amount due will be 35 euros (delivery cost included) for France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands. For other countries, we will contact you to INFORM YOU ABOUT the Shipping expenses before making the payement. If you choose the deposit, the prize is 25 euros

The payment will confirm the order.We prefer payment by European bank transfer which does not cause any additional expenses. Paypal payment is for people who have no other possibility.

Bank :  IBAN : BE33 0016 3726 7646  BIC : GEBABEBB – Chloé Graftiaux Passion Together asbl – rue Mazy 86/2 5100 Jambes – Belgium
Bank : BNP Paribas – avenue Bourg Jean Materne 135 5100 Jambes – Belgique – Compte au nom de Chloé Graftiaux Passion Together

In Belgium and France, we will organize a deposit of copies in various locations to avoid shipping expenses. Please specify where you would like to go to pick up your copy. In case of a group order (by ex : several people of a club), special arrangement for the shipping can be planned – In this case, contact us !