CG Passion Together

“Source of energy and passion, driving force of multiple vocations.”

“Me, I want to do like Chloé”, Lucie, 7 years

“She was overflowing with joy, vitality and determination”

“If all of us lived with only a tenth of Chloé’s passion for life, I believe the world would be a nicer place to live”

“It is sure, your life will never be the same again. Mine won’t be either, nor will it be for anyone in whose life Chloé came by. But it is all for the better that our lifes won’t be the same anymore.”

« She was an inspiring individual, she will remain etched in memory forever”

“When you see her pictures on her website, you can say she has the face of a young girl happy to live for her passion. When you follow her choices and ideas, by her behavior she gives us a real life lesson, a message that will last forever.”

“The simple and true happiness to live her passion, but also to share it”

 “Her passion and openness touched me. She was able to discover treasures, it’s a privilege.”

“Her smile was a sure bet, whatever the result of the competition. You could feel the pleasure of being there, of living that very moment. 

« I didn’t meet Chloé but I very admired her free spirit and her unbelievable talent for climbing.”

“You believed life should be lived, with passion, with willingness, with desire.”

 “You were a rare idealist. You left an impression that edifies us all.”

Because each of our project and dreams will nourish a littre on your life,



This new organisation will support projects related to climbing and/or mountain sports (climbing, alpinism, ski touring, base-jump, hiking, etc …) and/or mountain rescue. Projects having an objective to share their passion and that are developed by young people, in the passionate spirit of Chloé.Sales of the book and DVD will serve to financially support these projects by a yearly grant. modalities will be precised here later. if you want to go further in your support, the organisation is open for gifts and new members. make yourself know on this website or by email :

Live your life fully, never to regret a single day”, Chloé, la fée Clochette. (Tinkerbel)

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