Born to climb : my lifestyle

Born to climb : In ten years the pen name of my e-mail address did not change, my passion either !

You can meet me at feet of a cliff equipped, hung on a friend in a way mountain, binding icy, on a block at the end of the world, under footlights in competition…

Everything is good since it climbs!

oWhy to go without a practice, when they are all carriers of pleasure, learning, sharing and commitment!

iIf in more it allows to share with the others, to make a commitment profoundly, to discover, then it is “first-class”.

A childhood of passion

We say to me fascinated and voluntary since the incubator! During my early childhood, the drawing and the athletics occupied my spare time and my dreams. But at 8 years, the departures of 100m under the blow of the pistol put under stress me!

My sister who already practised climbing stimulated me in the sporthall of Brussels. It was the revelation. For two, Alix and myself, became inseparable in hall, in competition, in rock. My adolescence took place between trainings, competitions, trip, and all the same the secondary school.


My life to the everyday life

At 19 years, I decide to live my passion profoundly. I leave Namur in Belgium to settle down in Grenoble, in the Alps. I have the chance to be recognized as high-level sportswoman in Belgium. At the same time, I realize the french diploma of instructor of climbing.

Very fast, the mountain attracts me as much as the competition. Later, I wish to enter Ensa in Chamonix to become a mountain guide and a first-aid worker. A fascinating challenge.

I am thus always on the way between the competitions, the trips of rock-climbing, the treks in high mountain, the trainings… a life of passion.


In short

Age : 21 ans

Birthday : the 18 july 1987 in Brussels

Place of house : Chambéry, my “truck” and bivouacs hastily

Practise the climbing sport for my 10 years

Sports monitor climbing / canyon

My nickname: the most French of the Belgian climbers Pratique l’escalade depuis mes 10 ans