2013 “Chloe Graftiaux Passion Together” grant funding

Chloé is of course still in our hearts, so we are running the « Chloé Graftiaux Passion Together » programme for a second year.
When the « Once upon a time… » book about Chloé came out, we promised to translate into something lasting Chloé’s passion for all forms of climbing, for mountains and all the sports that go with them. She enjoyed quite a few : mountaineering, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ice climbing, hill walking, rock climbing…

We are convinced she would have loved the idea of the fund, but probably hated the project submission process we concocted in 2012 ! So you’ll be glad to hear we’ve simplified the procedure this year.

All sorts of grants are available : some will favour the performance aspect, others an achievement, others will enable people to go further afield. But we have also chosen another direction. We want to highlight a youth project which puts the emphasis on sharing climbing, mountain sports, or mountian rescue, with young people in difficult circumstances. Their difficulties can be very diverse (illness, handicap, social or economic problems). The young people who are targetted by the project may be from here or elsewhere. Be creative !

Please bear with us if there is still room for improvement in the project submission procedure…

Here is how how to apply in 2013 and the the rules 2013 . Please print them off, fill them out and send them back by email or by post (in which case please provide TWO copies of your project submission)
If you are in the Brabant area, please put the evening of April 25 in your diary. The Brabant club will be showing the flim that was made in Albania (the project that won the grant in 2012) last summer. The film will be commented live by the team that carried the project. More on that soon !

PS : If any of you still wish to buy or distribute Chloé’s book, there are still a few copies available in English, and you can order them via info@chloegraftiaux-passion-together . If we manage to sell all remaining stock, we will be able to fund more grants
for the coming years.