The regular question which we put me is to know if I have sponsors, by implying the word “money”. I prefer partners’ notion. For me, to choose or to be chosen by a partner, it is especially and mainly to weave the relation of long-term confidence, knowledge that I can count on the performance of their skills whatever is their domain of action and to put mine in their service. The relation is made by mutual confidence, by sharings of experiences. We aim at the same objective: ” always go higher “.

The list of my partners also reflects my multiple ties: in France, in Belgium, public, private and associative partners, companions of rock-climbing.


’Adeps and the French Community of Belgium are my unconditional supports for a long time. They saw my debuts of 12-year-old sportswoman. Their requirement pushes me forward, but at the same time, I know that I can count on them in the moments strong as in the more difficult moments. Their long-term support leaves me the time to evolve. Through them, I have the strong feeling to represent my country, my community in competitions ,but also on all the grounds where I practise . Adeps Communauté française


A beautiful relation weaved with the team of Millet. If at first, my practice of the competition was the support of our meeting, in the course of time, I was really able to appreciate the versatility of their equipment and their technicality as Millet can appreciate my versatility of action. Millet, it is really the sponsoring lived in the sharing of experiences, in the learning(, in the common passion. To Millet, I also have the strong feeling to be a part of a community where the strongest (Philippe Batoux, François Damilano, Lionel Pernollet, Daniel Dulac) show the way in the ” new youngs ” as me. Millet


Black Diamond, it is the insurance of the performance of the technical products in the service of all the sports of mountain. In my daily use, I can realize every time youngs more that they bring in this equipment. Black Diamond, it is also behind an important firm of attentive and welcoming persons to my projects. Black Diamond


The internet media archetypal which saw me increasing, which taught me little by little the threads of the profession by the communication, which works with me as I am and by which this site exists!


Le média internet français qui m’a accueillie à mon arrivée à Grenoble, qui « profite » de mes progrès en communication et grâce auquel j’ai une visibilité dans mon pays d’accueil.The French internet media which welcomed me at my arrival in Grenoble, which “takes advantage” of my progress in communication and tanks to which I have a visibility in my host country. Planet Grimpe Kairn


My federation of first membership naturally, the one with which I made my first steps in sporthall and in rock and with which I continue my road. Club Alpin Belge


My federation of reception to which I raise full of problems! What to make with a young Belgian climber who comes to make the incrust in the Alps? Enough joke, thank you for the reception.


With the FFCAM, I hope to go far in mountain thanks to the team GEAN or to the other projects. FFCAM


In my practice, no intolerance and thus lives the sponsoring of a Dutch-speaking climbing hall which appreciates me since my first world cups to Puurs. Klimax


Compex, they are naturally the materials of électrostimulation. They are very useful in physical preparation or when we are hurt. I was able to notice it when I was hurt at a finger in the beginning of season. Compex

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Communauté française Club Alpin Belge
Black Diamond
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